Our Mother in Heaven’s Attributes

“We just don’t know that much about her.” I remember sitting in a religion class at Brigham Young University with my husband. Although I’m not a student at BYU, spouses were encouraged to attend the class together. We had just spent most of the hour listing off Heavenly Father’s attributes. We talked about how Heavenly... Continue Reading →

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The Harmful Misconceptions of Modesty

How was modesty taught to you? A slight change or distortion in doctrine may seem insignificant. Some may say that a few poorly-taught lessons are harmless. However, the sisters of the Church have grown into adulthood, and are still being negatively affected by modesty lessons taught to them in their youth. There is a trend of false doctrines that are still lingering within the young women’s program. After brief interviews and discussions on the topic, it has come to my attention that false doctrine is being taught to the women on a church-wide level. The topic of modesty will continue to be taught incorrectly, until we are able to step back and realign ourselves with true doctrine.

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The Dental Assistant

My parents raised me to be as independent as possible. My dad was adamant that I receive an education and make myself capable of supporting a family on my own. He warned me that I should never plan on depending on a husband to fulfill my needs. So I worked hard, received good grades in... Continue Reading →

About Lindsay

Hi, my name is Lindsay and I am from Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a Writing Studies major at Utah Valley University. My husband's name is Matthias, and he is the best husband in the universe.During my free time, I love being outside, playing the piano, and writing. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession... Continue Reading →

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